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Brucas Fans

For everything Brooke and Lucas!

Brucas Fans {Brooke and Lucas}
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Brucas Fans Community Rules

- You MUST be a Fan of Brooke/Lucas. Why else would you want to be here?
- New members please introduce yourself here (if you wish to do so)
- All/Any posts must be related to Brooke/Lucas or One Tree Hill (Cast included). Any of the posts or comments not related to the above will be deleted.
- For Leyton fans, please DO NOT make hate posts in regard to Brooke/Lucas, Brooke, or Lucas. Stick to your own kind.
- If you are going to be posting any spoiler rumours, images, art, and quizzes/polls please inform members in your post by stating there is spoiler material and putting all spoiler content under a cut.
- All posts that contain tons of writting please just make an introduction to your post and place the rest under a cut. This helps with post space.
- All Youtube Videos must be placed under a Livejournal Cut. This helps with space like I said in the above rule.

New One Tree Hill Episode Nights:
- All conversations and posts regarding an episode that is taking place or just ended must be placed under a cut. This is because many people get the show at different times and to stop people from getting spoiled if they don't wish to you must do this.
- The next day after the new episode debut's feel free to type whatever you wish about the prior nights episode without placing a cut.

Icon Related Rules:
- Icon teaser posts will have a MAXIMUM of 3 teaser icons.
- Make sure one of your teaser icons relate to Brucas or One Tree Hill (Cast Included)
- If your icon contains harsh language or images (swearing, or sexual content) please do not use this icon as a teaser and make sure you state your icons are not suitable for all viewers.

Brucas Fans Mission

This Livejournal was created as a add on to Brooke-Lucas.org. Our mission is to unite all Brucas Fans from around the globe.

This community is a place for members to post/talk about the sexiest couple on television. Everyone is welcome as long as they obey the simple rules above. Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush help us all to see the true love and passion that Brooke/Lucas have for eachother and this journal is to help show support to the actors and characters they portray. The staff of Brooke-Lucas.org & the Brucas Fans Livejournal hope you all enjoy the community and help keep the faith, love, and hope of Brucas alive.


To become an affiliate then contact me here. Make sure you put "Brucas Fans" somewhere in the request.

Love Without End - Brucas


Season 5 of One Tree Hill airs Mondays at 9pm on the CW

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